Heat Transfer Tag

We can remove the manufacturer’s tags from the garments and replace them with a one-color design on the inside of the shirt.  This finishing touch adds a long-term branding element to your printed apparel.

-       Click here to see all detail requirements from FTC’s Textile and Wool Act 

Poly - Bag and labeling

Poly-Bag And Label

We offer retail folding with poly-bagging services to add a professional finish to the job.  Poly-bagging is a great way to protect your finished apparel for transit, stocked in inventory, or customer presentation.  We can label each package individually with customizable options for garment size, design name, recipient name, apparel style, or sku #.  This helps to support individual shipping and inventory management.

HanG tags

Heat Transfer Tags and Hang Tag Application

Hang tags play a big role in branding, especially for retail businesses. We have the capabilities to add hang tags to your garments to help ready your product for point of sale.

Custom Packaging AND STORAGE

Storage and Branded Packaging

Overall, we have the ability to accommodate specific branding needs that you have established for your individual brand. Whether you have custom boxes or poly bags, inserts, stickers, hang tags, or belly-bands, we value your brand's need for consistency.