We can print, store, manage inventory, and ship product according to the demands of your business.  This program includes long-term and short-term storage.  Pick and ship is a great option to support distribution for e-commerce and promotional businesses.  We help streamline logistics and storage space.

Multiple Ship Locations

We can print and ship each of your orders with ease and predictability. Our fulfillment team can also accommodate splitting orders to multiple destinations when needed. 

Individual Ship Locations

A single order may be divided into individual shipments for each customer's destination.  The entire order is shipped out 100% complete with all addresses predetermined prior to original order submission.  Orders not 100% shipped individually can utilize our other fulfillment options (pick-and-ship, multi-ship, and storage).


We have the ability to plan and package custom orders that may require special kitting instructions. We treat each request as a custom project and would be happy to provide a quote base on your project scope.

temporary Storage

Let us help you in a pinch if your job needs to stay with us temporarily.  This is a great option for large - run jobs that require shipping delays. 

We can hold your product for a few days until you figure out where it needs to go.